Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you Know Where your Dog is?


Sometimes, in a house filled with a ton of kids, two dogs and one husband, things, people or animals have been overlooked. One such instance happened while my dear mother was visiting our home. My mom and I were playing with the little ones when the door bell rang. I answered the door to a very concerned passerby asking me what my neighbor’s dog looked like. He went on to explain having seen a runaway dog and wanted to alert the owners as soon as possible. Having ascertained the look of the dog (medium height, tan coloring), I assured him that this dog did not belong to any of my neighbors.  With brow furrowed and increasing agitation, the man kept insisting the dog belonged to a neighbor. I of course in full defense mode charged right back with, “That’s impossible. They all have small dogs.”

 Why the intensity from this complete stranger? Apparently the dog was tangled in rope with toys and a toddler bicycle attached to its neck. Quite alarming for the man who watched the poor animal drag the tricycle down the road. Wow, feeling sorry for the furry fellow, I thanked the man for stopping by and told him I would keep my eye out for the animal and any possible owners.

A short while later, sitting amidst toys and toddlers, my mom noted how strange the similarities were between my dog and the runaway. I thought how great it was to have my dog napping upstairs on my bed; cozy, comfortable and safe. Hmm, if only that were the case. Upon discovering our pet was missing, panic set in. I am ashamed to admit half of my concern was that the man who came to my door would find out that the undeniably traumatized animal was mine. I found MY dog wrapped around a tree -tricycle and all.


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