Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 4188 of Parenthood

Ever Feel Like You Hit A Brick Wall?

Juggling a husband, kids, a house, two dogs and a newborn put me face to face with the brick wall today. I don't know about you but exhaustion has a way of taking over my ability to think and speak clearly.

Clear signs you have to come to the brick wall:
You can no longer decide if it would be easier to move or just throw all your stuff away!!
You ask your children to turn on the chicken maker and your referring to the stove!!
You ask your sweet neighbor to be sure and let your newborn know that you are napping!!
You think your puppy is dead because it has not made a sound in hours!!
You only feel slightly bad that your husband is eating a bowl of cereal for dinner at 9:00p.m.!!
At the end of my ability God came to my rescue through two of my precious friends. Each taking care of three of my children for the day.
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