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I am so excited to see who wins. I will be using to pick the winner.

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Foxxfire said... [Reply to comment]

My funniest mommy moment happened one summer when my now 11 year old son was 3 years old. My three other children had gone to their fathers' house for the weekend.

My youngest son, Austin, has ADHD and is always on the go and noisy. His father and I labelled him "The Texas Tornado."

It's always a lot quieter when the 3 kids are gone; leaving only Austin to fill the silence. Being that he has ADHD, he does that quite well on his own.

The morning after his siblings left, he was quite hyper running around the house and making lots of noise and leaving a huge mess in his wake. His father was outside working in the yard and I was upstairs cleaning. All of a sudden, I realized that it was too quiet. That's never a good sign!

I went to look for Austin but, he was nowhere to be found. At first, we panicked. Our three year old son was missing! We called out to him and searched every nook and cranny in the house.

As his father searched the upstairs for the umpteenth time, I rechecked the pantry. As I passed by the desk in the dining room, I heard a little giggle. Lo and behold, our dear son was here the whole time.

The desk had a door on the right side that held one shelf. I opened the door to find Austin curled in a fetal position on the top shelf giggling.

I screamed upstairs to let his father know that I had found him. Then I pulled Austin out of the desk. To my surprise, that little stinker was totally naked and covered from head to toe in chocolate. With candy bar in hand, he smiled at me and said,"hi mommy."

When his father came downstairs, he couldn't figure out why I was laughing hysterically. Until... he turned the corner and saw his son, standing in the middle of the dining room, totally naked and covered in chocolate, grinning from ear to ear. He dropped to his knees and we both hugged Austin, chocolate and all.

This is definitely one moment that I will never forget. And everyone always enjoys that story.

Let'sMakeADifference said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for following my Twitter! Congrats on the birth your daughter!! We had 4 sons, and a stillborn son, before the birth of our first daughter!

Jhona O. said... [Reply to comment]

One of my funniest mom moments would be at the dinner table. We had our friend over who was newly pregnant for dinner. I should tell you that our cat had just had kittens. My kids were fascinated and completely "grossed out" by the whole process. While in the middle of dinner my children proceeded to explain to my friend how glad she should be that she isn't a cat. And when I say explain...there was no detail left out!

And since my children are experts on child birth, I have one more for you. When our daughter was little and our neighbor was pregnant she informed her that: Boy, she sure was getting big and did she know that if she just turned in a circle really fast that baby would come right out?

mkrush32 said... [Reply to comment]

My most embarrassing/funny/ moment I wish I could forget- and that's saying a lot because there are so many- is when my I went out to dinner with my family to a chop house (this is where they cook the food right in front of you).

Now, dinner went fine. We had a delightful evening at dinner. My youngest son has a very hard time sitting still after we eat so I decided that I would head next store to the grocery store to pick up a few things while my husband waited to pay the check.

While in the store my son, who was five at the time, began to talk about things they could cook at the chop house. This seems innocent- right? Ummmm... no. He started off okay. He talked about meats, vegetables, and various other foods he could eat. The problem came when a rather portly woman came walking down the isle-just take a guess at where this is headed...yes, my son proceeded to tell me that and I quote,"She's big, we could eat her".

Yes, it was at this very moment that I was sure I had failed as a mother. After I picked my mouth up off of the floor and walked as quickly as I could out of the store, I did realize that he truly did not mean it in a malicious way and in his eyes, it made sense. I gathered myself back up reassuring myself that my child was at least some shade of "normal" and resumed my outstanding parenting skills! LOL!

Thankfully, I think I did sense that something was coming from this sweet child so I had picked up my pace enough just before he said it so I do not think she heard him. I am thankful for the blessing of motherly instinct and am constantly on the lookout for other potentially embarassing exchanges- unfortunately, my sweet boys love to test that instinct.

Mary Kay