Sunday, April 25, 2010

Being Thankful For Little Miracles


   This week on Fellowship Sunday our guest blogger is
                                Aging Mommy.

I love her blog, her witty style coupled with honest intensity. I met her through blogging and am thankful for the friendship that is forming.  I know you will enjoy her writing as much as I do.

Aging Mommy

                      Being Thankful For Little Miracles

Every day in our lives is a little miracle. Every life is a little miracle. Every child born is a miracle, an everyday miracle of life.

So easy to forget those things isn't it? So caught up do we get in our everyday lives. Being a parent is hard work, pure and simple. It wears us out at times, this modern world and its expectations (or are they just our expectations imposed upon the world?). Our "To Do" lists, our chores, our endless need to drive here, there and everywhere for those everyday things and social obligations we absolutely need or must meet. It gets us down too sometimes, this life of ours with all its demands (or are they just demands we make of ourselves?) having to deal with sick kids when we are sick ourselves, or trying to maintain our composure in the face of a toddler meltdown when all we want to do is jump up and down and scream at the world that "it's not fair" ourselves. We worry all the time too - are we good enough at our jobs, at parenting, worrying about what might happen instead of focusing on what is.

So life goes on and we race through it. We race through every day and sometimes fail to stop and appreciate each and every one for what it is and what it brings. When you have a child, every day brings a new miracle of development, a new milestone that is met, no matter how small or ordinary it might seem to everyone else, for your child it is significant. Like yesterday when I went to get my daughter dressed in the morning and she said "there you go Mommy, I got my clothes out already" and there they were, lying on her chair. I felt so proud I cried tears of joy mixed with sadness because that's another thing she can do all by herself but also another step towards independence and the day when she will leave home. When she will not be around anymore, or not nearly so often. So I tell myself I need to make more of this time I have with her, there will be time enough for the chores and the worries when I am sitting at home alone and she is gone, out into the world to make a life of her own.

Children see the world as we should - unburdened by the worries, demands and expectations that we carry with us and so they look at the world with eyes that marvel. At every new thing, every new experience, they unabashedly express their delight, their joy, uncensored and unconditioned by life. I see this every day as I spend time with my daughter. I so want to be like that too. To be able to more easily and more frequently stop, take a moment. To just live in that moment and forget about everything else, to laugh, enjoy and simply be - happy, contented and appreciative of what life is really all about.

So today, on this Sunday I am doing that. Today is my day for just enjoying life, with my daughter and family. I want to give thanks for this day, with my daughter. Thank you. Thank you. A thousand times thank you for my little miracle.

So I will leave you with that thought and wish you a very wonderful day.
Thank you Aging Mommy for sharing with us and reminding us to be thankful for our "little miracles". Please stop by her blog. You are sure to laugh and be inspired.