Friday, April 16, 2010

My Precious Princess

                                     Look at my beautiful little princess. I had these announcements made at

Thank you once again to Mom Made That for making this review possible.

I need to start by saying that the customer service has exceeded my expectation. Available and ready to assist us if we had any questions or concerns. The announcements themselves are of an amazing quality with very little wait time in receiving them. I was able to custom design my font size and type along with my own personal message. The process of creating your custom invitation is quick and painless, which is the only reason my husband and I even attempted to pursue baby anouncements. The best part is that the envelope already has my return address typed on the back. So professional, and a great time saver as well. What I am really excited about is that Storkie also features the following categories: baby shower invitations, Baptism invitations, Communion invitations, party invitations, and Christmas cards This is so exciting to me. My extended family and friends will finally receive Christmas cards from our family this coming up Christmas. I highly recommend Storkie for your celebratory notification needs. (Could not resist a little humor - how about that two word combination? Celebratory notification)

Thank you, Storkie, for the beautiful birth announcements.


Aging Mommy said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely pictures of a beautiful little girl! The announcement is fabulous.

Jhona O. said... [Reply to comment]

Absolutely adorable!

Ash said... [Reply to comment]

Aw, they came out wonderful! I wish we had announcements made for our babies...such a nice way to celebrate their birth and a great keepsake!

She's a beautiful baby girl! Congrats!

Sweet Tea and Biscuits said... [Reply to comment]

so sweet - A true little princess - These are amazing . wonderful review :)

Retro Girl said... [Reply to comment]

Totally adorable and This is beautiful! I wish we'd made announcements for our adoption like this!

THE OLD GEEZER said... [Reply to comment]

I enjoyed looking over your blog. I found your profile on another blog I follow and I added myself to follow you. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, Ron

Rebecca said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful birth announcements! I love the pictures she's beautiful. My daughter is a December baby too, 20th. Makes for a great time of year. I just sent out our baby J's announcements but thanks for the review anyway.

Fabulously Chaotic said... [Reply to comment]

@Aging Mommy
Aww thanks girl!

Fabulously Chaotic said... [Reply to comment]

@Jhona O.
Thank you sweet one

Fabulously Chaotic said... [Reply to comment]

Oh thank you, I am embarassed to admit these are the first announcements we ever had made.

Fabulously Chaotic said... [Reply to comment]

@Sweet Tea and Biscuits
Thank you girl!