Friday, May 21, 2010

Going with the flow!!

{This Week is now closed to catastrophes, limit has been reached}

Pondering the events of the week (my fabulous ability to break every possible gadget in the house) I decided to share my ever increasing woes with you. (Smile) 

One should not ever be made to say these things in the same sentence in the same week!! “Honey, I broke another laptop screen within 48 hrs. of breaking son #2’s laptop screen. Oh, and our only working phone's battery wire snapped”
Your son should not ever have to peg you as “the computer killer.”
To make my week officially fabulous, my hubby brought me ice cream from Dairy Queen since the kiddos and I set the oven on fire today!! (Don’t worry, Mom- the grandkids and I are fine.-smile)
On my Real Life Moms fan page I asked the question,  “What type of Mom are you?- Are you a white bread mom, whole wheat bread mom, or a grind the wheat make your own bread type mom?”
Almost all the ladies answered with whole wheat (Such good mommas)
Here was my answer-
“I bought my own wheat to grind with the intention of making my own whole wheat bread, but like every other fabulously over-the-top parenting idea I get, I ended up doing the exact opposite - white store-bought bread for us!!”


Nic said... [Reply to comment]

HEY FRIEND!!! Thanks for the camara offer that was super sweet of you!! I'm gonna order my new lens TONIGHT!!

Ps..Started new blog

Due to some safety reason. Hope you'll visit and link that one!!