Friday, November 5, 2010

A One-Dog Family living with 2 Labs!!



For the first few years after having kids we did not have a dog!! Our cat had a nervous breakdown after we brought the third baby home in three years. Poor Boogie (the cat) had to live out the remainder of his days with a nice old woman.

Having the experience of a stressed out cat we steered clear of animals all together!!

Until ~

2 days after Christmas 7 years ago our neighbors decided to adopt a dog then changed their adoptive minds 24 hrs later, burdening me with the news of the dog’s imminent death if it was returned to the shelter. I say that guilt trip should have banned him from being our neighbor; instead we became the reluctant owners of our very own Lab-Retriever mix, Maggie.


Maggie is unique. Some of her charming qualities are~ running at lightning speed into moving vehicles, barking incessantly, refusing to eat unless it is what she wants. Shedding hair Everywhere!! ~oodles of fun having Maggie around for the last 7 years!! 

A year ago April I decided we were not being subjected to enough torture and talked my hubby into a second lab. This time we got a  puppy. (So we could train this dog right. Ha!)


Reality~ She eats everything including blankets, who knew!! She smells, she pees and she has no sense of personal space!! After chasing her around the neighborhood for 30 minutes and threatening her with a trip to the dog pound I came to the conclusion we are a one dog family living with 2 labs!!




Life as a Movie said... [Reply to comment]

My children and I have recently been through a tramatic event so I have decided a dog/puppy might help. My kids are now at the age (11 and 13) where they can help care for it. We have had a very neurotic cat named Cosmo (Kramer) for 8 years. I trust in and believe everything works out for a reason so we'll just see what precious "baby" we end up picking. I love all animals but we are leaning towards a lab...hmmm