Monday, January 17, 2011

Packing for 8 plus a dog

Heading to New York to visit family and friends for the New Year sounds like so much fun, right?
Did you see me mention New Year as in 20° F where you will need all the winter essentials to survive?!!
Just a sneak peek at my packing list for the kids-
6 pairs of boots
6 pairs of gloves
6 set of hats
6 winter coats
6 pairs of snow pants
6 pairs of sneakers, shoes
6 pairs of socks  x  enough for 10 days and the occasional, “I got snow in my boot!”
6 pairs of you know whats  x  enough to last the trip
36- 40 outfits which does not include tights and hair bows (packed those with the accessories)
Kid Tylenol ~ just in case
6 toothbrushes, kid toothpaste
Much much more
These are pictures of the return trip home, which yielded many more goodies from family and friends.

We may need to think about renting a u-haul in the future or we could visit during the summer!!


Toyin O. said... [Reply to comment]

What a busy life you have, I hope you enjoyed NY. Thanks for sharing.