Blog Awards

Thank You, Sweet Tea and Biscuits and Chris, for these awards. This is such an honor to know that I am brightening your day. Humor is such a great way to de-stress from real life challenges.
while Sweet Tea and Biscuits can be found at

Now it's my turn to pass this award on to other bloggers that I consider beautiful. But there are rules to follow!

1. Thank and link the person that gave you the award.

2. Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.

3. Contact the winners and let them know they’ve won.

4. State 7 things about yourself

So, here are 10 of my favorite blogs!

1. Sweet Tea And Biscuits
2. The Bray Family
3. Stuff Could Always Be Worse
4. Chaoticark Family
5. The Redhead Riter
6. Life Happens During Naptime
7. Woven By Words
8. Coupon Clipping Mommy
9. Stacey's Mothering Moments
10. kitchenbelleicious.
11. Mom OF Many
12. All About The Savings
Sorry I could not seem to stop at 10.

OK, 7 Things About Myself
1. My hair was ridiculously curly until kids.
2. My husband proposed to me in a prayer tower in a castle. (Romantic, I know)
3. My feet get bigger every time I have a baby, so if I keep having kids they may soon be as long as my legs.
4. I LOVE sunshine!!
5. I CAN'T sing. Not even a little bit.
6. I find cleaning to be therapeutic.
7. I have amazing neighbors.