Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plum Tickled About Thankfulness

                                 Thankful Thursday

 I am thankful for Plum Tickled Logos who did an amazing job on my header and button for my blog.  I am just "plum tickled" with my new look!!

I am thankful that everytime my dogs escape they are not hit by a car or picked up by the dog catcher! One time my oldest dog did escape and ran straight towards the road and hit a moving car. As in the dog ran into the car, I kid you not!!

I am thankful for 2 very beautiful friends who came over yesterday and helped me restore order to my very disheveled house. My Southern sister Sweet Tea and Biscuits could not organize though without a glass of sweet tea. Of course with me originally being from the North made from scratch we do not have. The best I could offer her was a can from the local gas station to which she replied, "store bought tea is like eating potted meat." Oh dear.

I am most thankful today that my friend Shelly will be able to see her son Seth this weekend and that her surgery went well. The doctors were able to remove her cancerous tumor. I am thankful for doctors and the amazing cancer hopital in Texas and hope!! May her trust in God remain strong and her healing come quickly. I love you Shelly!!

What are you thankful for this week? Share it with others, let's meet up with Laurie of Women Taking A Stand Blog.


Naomi Walking said... [Reply to comment]

Love your new look! When I load tho the header is kind of a big white space so it looks like it might be blank until I scroll down. I guess that could be my browser tho. I'm using firefox.

Wanted to invite you to join Southern Furbaby Mommas on the Southern Mommas site. Also I'm posting a link to survivinglittlepeople on my blog. Your blog is a very encouraging site & a breath of fresh air. Thanks for what you are doing.

Naomi Walking

Naomi Walking said... [Reply to comment]

P.S. I have two little Houdini husky mixes. It tears me up when those little big ones get out of the fence cuz all I can think of is the worst things that can happen to them! So glad yours are ok. Naomi

Joan said... [Reply to comment]

I once had a dog than ran into a car, so I understand. The impact knocked her out cold, but she survived!

Love your blog header.


Melanie said... [Reply to comment]

Such a fun thankful post! I love the look of your new header.

Happy Thankful Thursday!