Friday, May 7, 2010

Letter from Mom

A letter from a mama to her 5 boys

Dear Little People,

As your mommy you know that I love you. Having said that, there are few rules we need to go over once again.

You may not climb onto the shed roof until you are at least 8.
You may Never do a handstand on the shed roof.

You may shut the door each and every time you pass through it.
You may Never shut the door on one of your brothers.

You may not do a back flip on the trampoline until you are at least 8.
You may never do a back flip off the side porch onto the trampoline.

You may catch lizards and keep them as pets outside.
You may never bring the lizards in the house.

You may not ride your bike no-handed until you are at least 6.
You may never ride your bike no-handed off a skate board ramp.

You may get a drink of water when you are thirsty.
You may never use a different cup each and every time you get a drink of water.

You may have ice cream for dessert
You may never have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You may ask all the questions you like before 8:00PM daily.
You may never interrupt your mommy and daddy to ask questions.

You may not sleep on the top bunk until age 6
You may never stand on the top bunk and hang toys from the ceiling fan.

You may go to bed at the appointed time
You may never get out of bed 14 different times unless your life is at risk.

Your loving mother