Monday, June 28, 2010

Gray hair? Try Brown, Black and Purple!!

hair quotes
Hair Fact:The first hair dryer was a vacuum cleaner that was used for drying hair.

Son: ”Mom, YOU have GRAY hair?”
Mom: “Yes, honey!”
Son: “Wow I only thought OLD people had GRAY hair”
Mom: “keep talking, you just erased your next consequence when you misbehave:)!!”

Hubby has been my hair stylist for at least eight years now-(No he is not a hairdresser, and has no other experience other than cutting our family’s hair!!) A
couple of years ago we added coloring to his “expertise”.

Hubby is a bit of a perfectionist so I have never been concerned with the outcome of my hair coloring. Until Saturday!!

full-color-chart green dots
In the color chart above you will note green circles on certain hair colors, these represent the current state of my hair. Yup you got it. I look like a multi-colored soccer mom gone retro!!  Now my main concern is that I will be going to California shortly to meet several of my husband’s extended family for the 1st time at his grandma’s 90th birthday party!! UGH!! Hubby said, “Maybe you could go and have it fixed somewhere before we go!!” REALLY!!